We work to regenerate the land and protect ecosystems through agro-ecology.

Most of us understand that our way of life has to change. We can no longer abuse mother nature the way we have for generations. We have to rethink our relationship with the land. Permaculture offers a ray of hope – a way forward to a more eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable future. Which is why, at Viti Vinci, permaculture and biodynamics are at the core of everything we do.

We believe in the quality of our artisan product, in the collaboration between people and in the sustainable circular economy. We grow our crops without controlling their natural development, using techniques that respect the wild nature of the environment. And through participation in reforestation and wild habitat protection programs, we are contributing to creating carbon sinks which slow down global warming and increase biodiversity.

Our packaging is 100% reusable, made from either recycled wood, or copper and Re Olivar – a new biomaterial made from recycled olive pits. We encourage our clients to return the containers once they have been consumed to be refilled or to recycle them locally. Each package will come with paper embedded with wild seeds, so that you can join us by taking action to rewild the planet.

Our commitment to the planet:

Regenerative agriculture
Wilderness regeneration
Preservation of flora and fauna
Local artisan product
Circular economy
Respect for natural cycles
Ecological, sustainable and reusable packaging
100% Vegan
Zero plastic
Zero synthetic