Alabaster Diffuser

Alabaster diffuser with lid, enhanced with gold leaf applied by hand, with Mallorcan sandstone.

Shaped over time by the force of the waves on the coast, marés is an omnipresent element in the Balearic Islands’ prehistoric monuments, palaces and churches. Marés is the material we have chosen for the diffusion of our aromas. Its porous texture makes it the perfect vehicle to diffuse the scent of our natural essential oils and to connect you deeply with the spirit of these islands.

The alabaster stone we use in our packaging has a long history of healing and spiritual properties. It is said to stimulate meditation, heal the mind, relieve anxiety, give protection, encourage creativity and even mercy. In alchemical books, alabaster symbolises purity and has been used to enhance inner peace and relieve stress. It is connected to the seventh chakra, situated in the centre of spirituality and consciousness.

All our products are sealed with Gold Leaf, the most precious metal in history, to symbolize the incalculable value of our fragrances and delicate products.