We are wild,
because we have the power to distill emotions.



We believe in the power of scent to reconnect people with their emotions, memories and – ultimately – themselves.

When you smell the air and know a storm is coming. Breathe in the aroma of the salt on your skin after a day by the sea. These do more than stimulate your olfactory senses, they stimulate your emotions. Scents can evoke relaxation or exhilaration, comfort or courage. They can stimulate and they can soothe. All because the sense of smell is a direct channel to the limbic system, the area of the brain where emotions and memories are processed. 

The study into this connection between aromas and human psychology is known as Aromacholgy. By mixing traditional artisan perfumery techniques with the latest research into aromachology our scent scientists are able to use fragrances to stimulate chemical reactions in the brain. Reactions which in turn trigger feelings, unlock memories and create moods. Our natural scents can also restore biochemical, hormonal and emotional states, and enable us to tune into our consciousness and elevate our spirit. 

We invite you to explore our natural fragrances and re-discover a sense of fulfillment you never knew you’d lost.